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The real truth about damaged car industry

President's Message

I've been in the automotive industry for over 20 years and I have seen far too many unscrupulous car dealers defrauding consumers. One day, I finally decided to do something about it.

Ten years ago, I noticed car dealers were buying frame damaged vehicles. I thought to myself, "How are they selling these cars?" and "Do people knowingly purchase these damaged vehicles?" I didn't understand how this was possible!

A few years later, I found the answers to my questions. A Nissan dealer tried to sell a vehicle to me that he had purchased at an auction. I ran a "check" on that vehicle and was surprised by the results. The vehicle had been damaged. When I confronted the dealer, he explained that they always buy frame damaged vehicles because no one ever finds out. The titles remain "clean" not "salvaged" so people do not suspect any previous damage. When he purchased vehicles at auctions with frame damage, he would run a Carfax on the damaged vehicles before the auction to make sure the damage didn't show up on Carfax. When a customer would say "Show me the Carfax!", he would gladly provide one. He continued to boast about how much money he was making by selling these damaged vehicles. "Carfax almost never shows this information!", as he started to laugh. He even continued to brag about how he is making so much money selling these damaged vehicles. I never went back to that dealership and I never bought a frame damaged vehicle to resell nor was I about to start.

After doing additional research, I discovered that many dealers are practicing this type of business. They are defrauding people and cheating them out of thousands of dollars. Car buyers are being put into potentially unsafe vehicles just for profit. Good honest dealers are also being hurt by these dishonest dealers by undercutting them for a comparable vehicle. This is what gives the car sales industry such a bad name, the dirty car dealer.

A few more years passed and I continued to think about all the vehicles sold with frame damage and all the people whose lives and safety are being put at risk. I just couldn't stop thinking about it! I wondered "What if I were sold a vehicle with frame damage? What if my family was in the car and we were involved in an accident? What if the vehicle didn't perform correctly and someone was seriously hurt or even killed?" This did not sit well with me, I had to do something about it.

So, in 2011 The National Automobile Safety Council was born. We are helping consumers discover the true condition of their vehicles and potentially saving them from serious injuries and even death. Consumers are now able to get out of their unsafe vehicles and get their money back in most cases. It's a wonderful feeling to build this company and do what is right.

-William Robertson

What is Frame or Unibody Damage?

Frame or Unibody damage to a vehicle is caused by any kind of accident affecting the structural integrity of a vehicle. Vehicles with this type of structural damage, may be very unsafe to drive. Unfortunately, these vehicles maintain a clean title. Many dealerships purchase these vehicles knowing this fact. Also, they do not disclose frame or unibody damage to consumers or interested parties since they feel consumers will not discover the facts because a vehicle has a clean title. There is a much larger profit to be made if a dealership can hide this fact. Additionally, this type of fraud takes business away from honest dealerships who do not sell frame/unibody damaged vehicles.

If a dealership knowingly purchases a vehicle with Frame or Unibody damage, they must disclose this to the consumer. Disclosure must be done properly. If it is not disclosed properly, consumers are protected by many consumer protection laws.