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Does Carfax Tell You Everything You Need to Know?

20/20 Investigative News Report

Last August, 54-year-old Danny Chaney was heading down Highway 11, in rural Oklahoma near Ponca City, his only companions classic rock on the radio and the 2012 Chevrolet Colorado truck he'd just bought from a major area car dealer. As Chaney slowed to make a turn, he said, everything froze, and the vehicle veered off the road. "The passenger wheel locked up and just pulled the truck off to the side of the road," Chaney told ABC News. That moment revealed a secret unknown to Danny before he spent twenty grand on the truck: the truck's frame -- the bones of the truck -- had been severely damaged in a wreck....

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Used Car History Reports Can Steer You in the Wrong Direction

CBC & Radio-Canada News Report

Thinking of buying a used car? You're not alone. In this slowing economy, people are looking to save cash whenever and wherever they can. But when you're looking for a bargain vehicle, you also want to make sure it's safe. Used car dealers know that and if you've dropped by a dealership lately, you may have been offered a free vehicle history report...

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California Used Car Dealer Tax-Fraud Probe

The Press Enterprise Reports

Two auto-sales businesses and a luxury home in Riverside were raided Tuesday morning by state agents and the Riverside County district attorney’s office as search warrants relating to an investigation into suspicions of sales-tax fraud were served on the occupants.

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