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I was initially suspicious when I got the letter from the National Automobile Safety Council. But I called anyway. It turned out to be legit. I had purchased a car from a small dealership. Low miles, Low price, I should have known something was up, but the Carfax was clean. I spoke to William @ National Auto Safety Council and he noted that there are other websites that showed that my car had been sold at auction with serious front end and frame damage. I would never have known. In the end I got every cent that I paid for the car back, after having driven it for a year and a half. I highly recommend the National Automobile Safety Council.

- James S.

I had a great experience with National Automobile Safety Council. I received a letter from them stating that my vehicle had major damage. At first I was hesitant because when I purchased my vehicle the dealer provided me with the Carfax report that showed no damage. However curiosity got the best of me and I called National Automobile Safety Council and they informed me that frame damage does not always show up on a Carfax report and they got the information from Autocheck. They also informed me that the dealer was made aware of the frame damage when the vehicle was purchased at auto auction. The more I spoke with NASC the more I understood that dealers are provided with the information that is on the Autocheck report. This made me very upset because I realized the dealer knew there was frame damage and did not tell me about it when I was buying the car. I drive my kids in that car!!!! I saw negative reviews about this company and came to the conclusion that they must have been written by the dealers that were dishonest. I was never asked for any personal information or money. When speaking with the representative I felt that she was truly concerned about my safety and the safety of others in my car. The more research I did the more I realize that dealers have been selling cars with known frame damage for years and no one has done anything about it. Due to the information I was provided I took my car to an auto body shop and they confirmed my car did have unibody/frame damage, and I am now taking legal action. Thank you National Automobile Safety Council.

- Rana H.

My fiancée and I purchased a late model Acura from a local dealer last year, but little did we know (and we would have probably never known) if it wouldn't have been for the NASC! This vehicle had been in a MAJOR collision and had severe unilateral frame damages. Meaning this car was very dangerous and quite possibly a ticking time bomb. This info was of course never disclosed to us by the dealer, and later with the help of the NASC we found out that this dealer had been around the block a few times when it came to dishonesty. It all started at the beginning of the year when we were contacted by NASC regarding our vehicle being damaged. Admittedly at first we were skeptical and kind of wary of some organization contacting us out of the blue. Sure enough after doing our own research we found that what the NASC was trying to tell us was absolutely true! They offered to help us to not only get our money back, but this dealer was given a rude awakening. Working with the NASC ended up being one of the best decisions we made. I will tell you that if we wouldn't have worked with them, then this whole ordeal would have taken forever and would have cost a lot of money out of our pockets. We were treated with respect and dignity every step of the way. We got our down payment back, we got the auto loan rescinded, and that dealership got what they deserved. NASC never asked for one dime! This type of work is crucial and it's time that these dishonest dealers get what they deserve!

- Cortney

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